Dating Tips for The Average Joe

Best Ways to Seduce a Woman

Seducing is an act of persuading a woman who has captured your attention to accept your request to be your girlfriend. When a man chooses to seduce a woman that he finds attractive, it is important to decide why he finds it necessary before getting into it, e.g. for companionship or just friendship. Most of the men do not tell women how they feel about them and end up wasting a chance of ever dating and being involved with the woman of their dream while others take the first opportunity that comes their way to tell a woman about how he really feels about her. The first few steps into a successful seduction should start with the non-verbal communication that will help to enlighten the beautiful lady that you have intentions of making the big move in the near future such as winking at her when eyes meet and general body communication.

It is important that you follow up the non-verbal communication with real verbal communication where you can politely ask her for a few minutes of her time to get to know her name, where she lives, what she likes doing in free time and get her phone number so that you can keep in touch. When she agrees to go on a date with you, choose a cool spacious place where she can be free to talk to you and get her to tell you more about herself, make it her moment and make her laugh a lot because that will make her open up about herself, her desires and you will learn a lot about how to satisfy her needs. When getting into a short term sexual relationship it is easier to win the woman if you apply some strategies such as temporary behavior change where you can pretend to be a gentleman, or if the girl goes for guys with money, just act like you have money so that you can win her and then when the truth comes out everyone goes there way. When you go out with the woman you like a lot, show her that you love listening to her little funny stories and enjoy the conversation because she will get to the point of telling you her secrets and that is where all her trust is in you.

Be adventurous in all engagements with her so that her interest in you is always captured, and this is by surprising her with that kiss when she least expected or give her a random hug when she is excited, that will make her think about you all night. After everything has been done accordingly, it is now time to get serious and tell her that you love her, always have loved her and when she gets confused or anything get really emotional and hold her and tell her that your life will be meaningless without her in it and she will say that she loves you too; sure bet.

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